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Why work with us

• We are independent
• Bi lingual team (Russian and English)
• Know the New Zealand property market intimately
• Key Local partners
• Quality over quantity – we only work with a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure we give the best service possible
• Reliability
• Local Knowledge
• Professional
• Efficiency

Architecture & Designs, Property

We remain faithful to the same principles as 10 years ago, when our company was founded: providing service to our customers, we primarily care about their safety and create for them a favorable window of opportunity.

Modern Technologies

Construction is not only a process of building buildings and infrastructure, but also the use of the latest modern technologies for creating smart homes for our customers.

Professional Team Work

We use all the professional resources that we have to meet all the needs of our clients: expert knowledge on real estate markets, legal and financial advice and ultimately provide the client with professional results of our work. Throughout the world, we develop, create, finance, manage projects and programs that open up further opportunities.